Glimpses of Barbarism

From the Economist:

In July a mentally disturbed Muslim man, arrested for blasphemy in the Punjab city of Bahawalpur, was dragged out of the police station by a crowd of 2,000 and set on fire. In 2009 accusations of blasphemy led a mob to attack Christians in Gojra in Punjab province. At least eight were burned to death.

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1 Response to Glimpses of Barbarism

  1. Steve Cardon says:

    I’ve read anthropologists reflecting on how interesting it would be to travel back in time and observe ancient extinct cultures; to see first hand the causes of their declines. I have no such desire. We have pockets of the world where we can examine the living remnants of failing cultures. Cultures fail because they cease to be viable. Islamic culture is no longer viable, and needs to be overtaken by others that are. By infusing it with cash, we have been delaying its cessation and prolonging the misery of its own people (women most especially). Is it really more humane to help it flourish? Does a new colonialism seem that out of the question? Who else will save them from themselves?

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