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Facing Death for Blasphemy

Technology may progress, but there is no right side of history, no rule than man is  going to progress: New York Times: ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — An antiterrorism court in Pakistan has sentenced a Shiite man to death for committing blasphemy … Continue reading

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Enlightenment Fail : A Dane is Charged with Blasphemy

Cross-posted on the Corner. The New York Times (my emphasis added): A 42-year-old man who burned a Quran and posted a video of it on Facebook has been charged with blasphemy in Denmark, a striking decision by prosecutors in a … Continue reading

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Free Speech is not a ‘European Value’

The Local (Spain): [Three Spanish feminists] are facing charges for crimes against religion for mimicking Spain’s Easter processions – replacing the Virgin Mary with a giant plastic vagina. Three women who carried a giant plastic vagina during a march to … Continue reading

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Multiculturalism, Free Speech: Choose One?

National Secular Society: Labour MP Keith Vaz has expressed his support for the reintroduction of UK blasphemy laws – provided they “apply equally to everybody.” His comments were reportedly made at an event organised by the Muslim Council of Britain … Continue reading

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Bangladesh: Darkness Falls

When a sub-headline begins like this…: Niloy Chakrabarti was only the latest atheist blogger to be hacked to death in the country this year. That refers to the murder of Chakrabarti, slaughtered by a group of attackers in his appartment … Continue reading

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Britain’s Government: #PasCharlie

The presence of British Prime Minister David Cameron, no friend of free speech, at the march in Paris after the Charlie Hebdo killings was, in the scheme of things, a comparatively minor moment of hypocrisy. Nevertheless, it’s always helpful to … Continue reading

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PEN and Sword

Cross-posted on the Corner Pen International is an association of writers intended both to promote literature and to defend it. In May, PEN America will be holding its annual gala, an event set to include the award to Charlie Hebdo … Continue reading

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Cross-posted on the Corner. A writer for the Guardian, on cue (my emphasis added): We are in perilous territory. Slaughter as political protest cannot be defended. Free speech as legal and moral pre-requisites in a free society must be defended. … Continue reading

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Too Dangerous a Historical Debate

Writing in the Guardian, Nick Cohen on self-censorship: Unless we find the courage to overcome fear, the self-censorship will spread, and not only in the media. Colleagues who wanted historians at a London museum to talk about the long history … Continue reading

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#PasCharlie 2

Cross-posted on the Corner (yesterday): Tomorrow Paris will play host to a march designed to show France’s unity in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attacks. The Guardian explains: Je suis Charlie. Nous sommes Charlie. La France est Charlie. Under … Continue reading

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