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Middlebury and The Heretic

Cross-posted on The Corner. Looked at one way, the attempt to silence Charles Murray and the violence that followed it was nothing more than another chapter in a long power struggle, but there was something else about it, something more … Continue reading

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Free Speech is not a ‘European Value’

The Local (Spain): [Three Spanish feminists] are facing charges for crimes against religion for mimicking Spain’s Easter processions – replacing the Virgin Mary with a giant plastic vagina. Three women who carried a giant plastic vagina during a march to … Continue reading

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Cross-posted on the Corner. A writer for the Guardian, on cue (my emphasis added): We are in perilous territory. Slaughter as political protest cannot be defended. Free speech as legal and moral pre-requisites in a free society must be defended. … Continue reading

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Fire, Brimstone, Free Speech and English Law

Here’s just another reminder that there’s not much in the way of free speech left in David Cameron’s Britain. The Daily Mail has the details: A baptist church was at the centre of a police probe after a sign which … Continue reading

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Humiliated in Cairo

As, on 9/11, an Egyptian mob storm the US Embassy on 9/11 in Cairo “offended” by a film about Islam made in America, America’s diplomats cringe and kowtow, and jettison the principle of free speech in favor of religious privilege: … Continue reading

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Defending Ann Coulter as an American peculiarity

At ScienceBlogs I defend free speech as an American cultural peculiarity which should be defended, not a human universal right (it simply isn’t empirically): … Though seriously, I’m expressing a very cultural biased viewpoint here, an American one, and I’m … Continue reading

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