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Fire, Brimstone, Free Speech and English Law

Here’s just another reminder that there’s not much in the way of free speech left in David Cameron’s Britain. The Daily Mail has the details: A baptist church was at the centre of a police probe after a sign which … Continue reading

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Hell has its Uses

Count me skeptical that there is a hell (fingers crossed!), but there are clearly one or two priests in Montenegro who have some good ideas about who belongs there. The BBC reports: A church in Montenegro has sparked controversy by … Continue reading

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Hell and the scientific method

My good friend OpinionJournal.com blogger James Taranto drops his insistence that there is no tension between American tolerance and a belief in eternal damnation for wrong-believers (not without getting in one last crude mischaracterization of my argument, however).  Now he … Continue reading

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America and Hell

A Pew religion survey  supports the hypothesis that American tolerance influences theology. “We are a multicultural society, and people expect this American life to continue the same way in heaven,”    [Alan Segal, a professor of religion at Barnard College, commented … Continue reading

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