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Nice Try

Well, this made me laugh: In authoring scripture, Origen [an early theologian] argues, God has deliberately planted all sorts of interpretive obstacles: problems, difficulties, mistakes, morally objectionable stories, and so forth. These manifold obstacles lead us to press beneath the … Continue reading

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Theology and belatedness

Anyone who has not read evolutionary theorist Jerry Coyne’s essay on science and religion in the New Republic is missing a tour de force.  Under review are two books attacking creationism and intelligent design.  Their authors–a physicist at Eastern Nazarene … Continue reading

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Brother can you spare a bit of Arminianism?

Somewhat related to Heather’s post, God’s Problem, see this fascinating New York Times Magazine piece on neo-Calvinism, Who Would Jesus Smack Down?: Mars Hill — with its conservative social teachings embedded in guitar solos and drum riffs, its megachurch presence … Continue reading

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America and Hell

A Pew religion survey  supports the hypothesis that American tolerance influences theology. “We are a multicultural society, and people expect this American life to continue the same way in heaven,”    [Alan Segal, a professor of religion at Barnard College, commented … Continue reading

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How Much Religious Falsehood Is Acceptable?

 I am returning to the Ed Feser exchange because it relates to a question I have been pondering about sophisticated Catholics and other Christians.    I had asked Mr. Feser if he could suggest an experimental design to test the efficacy … Continue reading

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Ilana Counterblogs

Ilana Mercer counterblogs (read down a bit) to my post on “Theology Outside the Tribe.” To her points: Yes, indeed, Islamic theology is interesting to a lot of people, as the excellent sales of Robert Spencer’s books show. That is … Continue reading

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Theology Outside the Tribe

The ravishing and brilliant Ilana Mercer has a column on input from Judaism to economic principles. In line with its efforts to educate about Judaism’s philosophical affinity with the free market, the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies has inaugurated the … Continue reading

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