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A Cleric, Jealous

Britain’s chief Rabbi seems upset that people are finding that spiritual pap, “transcendence”, call it what you will, is not the only way to some sort of contentment. The Daily Mail reports: Speaking at an interfaith reception [Itself a ghastly … Continue reading

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The Rise of Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox (Ctd.)

The Daily Telegraph reports on another dismal chapter in the rise of Israel’s ultra orthodox: An Israeli activist who defied orthodox Jewish custom by leading a group of women in open prayer at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall has been told to … Continue reading

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“Ultra-Orthodox Welfare Kings”

The problem that the Ultra-Orthodox pose for Israel is not a new topic, either here or elsewhere, but this WSJ piece by Evan Goldstein is worth reading, not least for the insight into the way that welfare handouts have (for … Continue reading

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Theology Outside the Tribe

The ravishing and brilliant Ilana Mercer has a column on input from Judaism to economic principles. In line with its efforts to educate about Judaism’s philosophical affinity with the free market, the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies has inaugurated the … Continue reading

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