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Balkanization Watch

Via the New York Post: Brooklyn has lost its right to bare arms. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish business owners are lashing out at customers at dozens of stores in Williamsburg, trying to ban sleeveless tops and plunging necklines from their aisles. It’s … Continue reading

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Hikikomori (of a sort)

Via Salon: When I first brought home our sleek, silver, double-deck, Panasonic stereo cassette player during the summer of 1993, my then-wife, Gitty, frowned. “It has a radio,” she said with an accusing glare. The device, fresh out of the … Continue reading

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Rosa Parks, Sadly Missed

Via the New York World: On the morning of October 12, Melissa Franchy boarded the B110 bus in Brooklyn and sat down near the front. For a few minutes she was left in silence, although the other passengers gave her … Continue reading

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This Seems Vaguely Familiar

Via the The New York Jewish week: [A]n Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish newspaper, Der Tzitung, has determined that the photo of top U.S. leaders receiving an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden was too scandalous. What was so offensive … Continue reading

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Your Tax Dollars at Work

Via the New York Times: In the Hasidic enclave of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, there are many things that women can’t or just don’t do: Be counted as one of the 10 people needed to make up a minyan, or prayer … Continue reading

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The Rush for Judgment (2)

Via FailedMessiah.com (for some background on that site, here’s a New York Times piece from last year), here’s another tale of someone else who sees the tragedy in Japan as an example of divine retribution. On this occasion it’s a … Continue reading

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