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Your Tax Dollars at Work

Via the New York Times: In the Hasidic enclave of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, there are many things that women can’t or just don’t do: Be counted as one of the 10 people needed to make up a minyan, or prayer … Continue reading

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What Happened to Those Fiscal Priorities? (2)

Via the New York Times (emphasis added): The state budget plan that moved toward enactment on Wednesday calls for 10 percent cuts in aid to public colleges and universities, but it would add about $18 million a year in tuition … Continue reading

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Nothing sacred

Military not exempt from spending cuts: Republicans: U.S. military programs will not necessarily be exempt from sharp spending cuts Republicans in the House of Representatives plan to put forward in coming months, incoming House Republican Leader Eric Cantor said on … Continue reading

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The religious support for neoliberalism?

Over at TMP Cafe there is a discussiona bout Red State, Blue State.  This post has an interesting snippet: …But before we grab on to such a U.S.-centric explanation, it is worth noting that John Huber and Piero Stanig have … Continue reading

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