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Pope Francis against the Individual

On stage, Pope Francis, like Juan Perón, his predecessor in so many respects, can be a vivid speaker. The same cannot be said of his prose, where his arguments are all too often swamped by jargon, citation and the failed, … Continue reading

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The Tea Party: “More Paul than Santorum”

David Kirby and Emily Ekins write in Politico: The Republican National Convention this week announced speaking slots for libertarian Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and social conservative Rick Santorum. Both claim the “tea party” brand. However the 2012 primary season reveals … Continue reading

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Libertarians and religious liberty

Tim Carney, the influential columnist at the D.C. Examiner, writes as if libertarians have been AWOL or worse when it comes to defending religious liberty from the incursions of the modern liberal-bureaucratic state. I try to set him straight in … Continue reading

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Libertarianism as ends and means

I haven’t had time to follow up my post below on libertarianism. But my friend Jim Manzi wrote something similar, at much greater length, in 2009: The Paradox of Libertarianism. I endorse it, though you may not!

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Why I am not fundamentally a libertarian

I agree with libertarians on many specific issues. But on a deep level I no longer am in sympathy with libertarianism. Why? The issue can be encapsulated by a conversation with a friend recently. He posited that so long as … Continue reading

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The superficiality of ‘pop-libertarianism’

I’m sympathetic to a lot of the specific policy prescriptions of publications like Reason. Though I’m no philosophical libertarian, I converge with libertarians when it comes to attitudes on specific issues. But outside of think tanks like Cato a lot … Continue reading

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Libertarian fanaticism or legislative fecklessness?

Mr. Hume occasionally explores the relationship between being non-religious and being a libertarian.  If the failure to ban cell phone use while driving results from libertarian pressures, you can count me out as a member.  It is incomprehensible to me … Continue reading

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The religious support for neoliberalism?

Over at TMP Cafe there is a discussiona bout Red State, Blue State.  This post has an interesting snippet: …But before we grab on to such a U.S.-centric explanation, it is worth noting that John Huber and Piero Stanig have … Continue reading

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Libertarians & the Secular Right

Over at Volokh Conspiracy Ilya Somin points to this weblog, and notes: Although one of the four contributors (Olson) is more libertarian than conservative, the main focus of the blog seems to be on the latter. After all, few doubt … Continue reading

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