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Towards a more Balkanized America: Kim Davis & The Flight Attendant

While there is something more than a little unattractive about the relish with which the jailing of Kim Davis, the errant county clerk (a Democrat, as it happens) unwilling to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, has been celebrated … Continue reading

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‘Religious Freedom’, Dogs and Taxis

CBC: A Saskatoon man who is blind and uses a service animal has launched a complaint to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, alleging a local taxi company is not providing service because of his guide dog. Mike Simmonds claims he’s … Continue reading

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‘Religious Freedom’ (Again)

The fact that the current clutch of campaigners for ‘religious freedom’ (brought together by their opposition to Obamacare’s contraception mandate) has adopted Thomas More, a less than admirable proto-Dzerzhinsky, as a symbol of freedom of conscience, a principle for which … Continue reading

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‘Religious Freedom’ (Again)

The Daily Mail: Two teenage Muslim pupils have been put into ‘isolation’ and banned from lessons after refusing to shave off their beards for religious reasons. Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School, in Accrington, Lancashire, has said the two 14-year-olds … Continue reading

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Own Goal

Whatever you think about the rights or wrongs of this move, its politics will do the GOP no favors: Washington (CNN) – House Republicans have added a measure aimed at limiting contraceptive coverage to the spending bill coming up for … Continue reading

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“Religious Freedom”

Reuters: A Pennsylvania mining company sued by the federal government on behalf of a worker who refused a biometric handscan because he believes in the Bible’s mark of the beast prophecy, said on Thursday that it supports religious freedom. The … Continue reading

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Tyndale & More

Here’s Melvyn Bragg writing in the Daily Telegraph on the topic of William Tyndale (and Thomas More): After almost 500 years, Tyndale continues to command our language and when we reach for the clinching phrase, we still reach out for … Continue reading

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Having Eyes, See Ye Not?

Cardinal Dolan, absurd: “The threats to our “first and most cherished freedom” are abundant, but let me list just two. One comes from those called secularists, who will tolerate religion as long as it’s just considered some eccentric private hobby … Continue reading

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“Religious Freedom”

Via The New York Post: Two children are dead, more are injured — yet a group of ultra-Orthodox rabbis say they plan to defy a health order in the name of religious freedom. Less than a year after a Brooklyn … Continue reading

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John Fisher: Biter Bit

Writing in the (British) Catholic Herald, Francis Phillips claims that she “feels a shiver when I see the parallels between our world and that of St John Fisher”. The context, inevitably, is of officialdom’s supposed attack on religious freedom in … Continue reading

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