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The Rush for Judgment (2)

Via FailedMessiah.com (for some background on that site, here’s a New York Times piece from last year), here’s another tale of someone else who sees the tragedy in Japan as an example of divine retribution. On this occasion it’s a … Continue reading

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The Rush for Judgment

The tragedy in Japan has produced a grimly familiar response. Here’s Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara: The identity of the Japanese people is greed. This tsunami represents a good opportunity to cleanse this greed, and one we must avail ourselves of. … Continue reading

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So How Come Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots?

This piece (from Mims’ Bits) on the difference between western and Japanese attitudes to robots is a stretch. Read the whole thing, but here’s an extract: Heather Knight, founder of the world’s first (non-industrial) robot census, has made the study … Continue reading

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Nikkei go home!

Japan to Unemployed Immigrants: Thanks, You Can Go Home Now: Japan’s offer to minority communities in need has spawned the ire of those whom it intends to help. It is one thing to be laid off in an economic crisis. … Continue reading

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Religion, conservatism, an international view?

At Gene Expression I have a post up, Religion, the United States, Sweden, South Korea and Japan, where I examine a little bit of data from the World Values Survey. I observe: South Korea and Japan are harder to interpret. … Continue reading

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