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Adding to the Merriment of the Nation

Gingrich never fails to deliver… Via Yahoo: From Newt Gingrich’s latest campaign release: “Speaker Newt Gingrich has unveiled his Faith Leaders Dream Team — rallying several fearless Christians including Don Wildmon, Tim and Beverly LaHaye, George Barna, JC Watts, Chuck … Continue reading

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Okey Dokey (2)

Via the Seattle Post Intelligencer: Ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich, speaking by phone Wednesday to Faith Coalition supporters, described same-sex marriage as an example of “the rise of paganism” in America.

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Somebody Up There Loves Obama

After Gingrich’s disastrously strong win in South Carolina, I can only repeat what I wrote over on NRO as one of my predictions for 2012: Let’s start with a prediction that will make me as miserable as it might make … Continue reading

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The S-Word

In the in-tray today an apocalyptic, adjective-crammed appeal to support the Gingrich campaign. It began as follows: Dear Conservative: In 1964, Ronald Reagan told conservatives that this was a time for choosing. Faced with a radical, progressive President who would … Continue reading

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Foot, Mouth, Gingrich

Most politicians talk themselves poor in the course of an election campaign, but it needs a little more subtlety than Newt Gingrich appears to be able to muster. Mother Jones (yup) reports: When Gingrich was campaigning in Laconia on Wednesday, … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich & David Barton

OK, the source is Right Wing Watch, but here is Gingrich speaking with Rick Green, one of David Barton’s colleagues at Wallbuilders, but, clearly, ‘at’ Barton. Gingrich: All I can tell you is that sometime in February or March, Calista … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich, Historian

Via the Economist: Believers in the idea that America was established as a Christian state scored a hit last year when the Texas school board, a politicised body in which evangelicals control crucial votes, ordered up textbooks laying out this … Continue reading

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No Contest

The Rev. Denise Giardina of Saint John’s Episcopal Church, Charleston, WV, has come out with a snide little sermon “matching” the views of a writer (Ayn Rand) against those of a largely legendary figure (Jesus), one of His followers (St. … Continue reading

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Via Politico: SAN ANTONIO — Newt Gingrich stood before thousands of evangelical churchgoers Sunday night to deliver a dire warning that nation’s Christian roots are under attack. “I have two grandchildren — Maggie is 11, Robert is 9,” Gingrich said … Continue reading

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DeMint’s Choice (2)

From O’Reilly (Nov 16 2007): O’DONNELL: They are — they are doing that here in the United States. American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains. So they’re already into this … Continue reading

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