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Real-World Morality

Secular Right’s readers have been raising the hoary “without God, no morality” topos again: The problem with creating a notion of “secular authority” is that you run into . . .  the “great sez who?” Eventually, without a belief in … Continue reading

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Religion and moral decline, contd.

A reader suggests that one needs to examine the same society over time, rather than comparing different societies, to test whether the waning of religious belief and fervor leads to moral decay. So let’s look at the West over the … Continue reading

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Religion and Moral Behavior

Jerry Muller’s excellent Public Interest article, linked by Hume, references the ubiquitous “social utility” argument for religion: “belief in ultimate reward and punishment leads men to act morally.” The disappearance of religious belief, religion advocates argue, will produce individual and … Continue reading

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