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“There aren’t any serious voices …clamoring for religion to be tied to government”

We are discussed by Erin Manning at Rod Dreher’s Crunchy @ BeliefNet. Manning starts out by talking about this site but her piece soon finds itself back in a well-worn groove, railing at the “new secular morality” with its supposed … Continue reading

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Do We Exist?

Mr. Hume:  Concerning your correspondent: Modern rationalistic secularism is clearly a product of the left. (Think of the origin of the terms left and right.) That is only half true. How many of the French revolutionaries were unbelievers? Robespierre was … Continue reading

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Religion and moral decline, contd.

A reader suggests that one needs to examine the same society over time, rather than comparing different societies, to test whether the waning of religious belief and fervor leads to moral decay. So let’s look at the West over the … Continue reading

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