Dangerous Places

Further to Heather’s remarks:  the London Daily Telegraph has a photo-display titled “20 of the world’s most dangerous places.”

Here are the Telegraph’s 20, with their dominant religions (according to the CIA World Factbook). I think my abbreviations are obvious, except perhaps “A” for “Animist.” There’s a wonderfully broad representation of faiths … though Taoists seem to be pretty peace-loving types, at least since the Yellow Turbans were suppressed.

 Iraq   I 
 Afghanistan   I 
 Chechnya   I 
 South Africa   C(Pr) 
 Jamaica   C(Pr) 
 Sudan   I 
 Thailand   B 
 Colombia   C(RC) 
 Haiti   C(RC) 
 Eritrea   I/C 
 D.R. Congo   C(RC) 
 Liberia   C(Pr) 
 Pakistan   I 
 Burundi   C(RC) 
 Nigeria   I/C 
 Zimbabwe   C/A 
 India   H 
 Mexico   C(RC) 
 Israel/Palestine   J/I 
 Lebanon   I/C
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