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Are conservative whites more racist?

I analyzed some GSS data over at Discover. The commenters were only cursorily engaging the data, and I don’t have much patience for long rhetorical back and forths which are already predetermined as to the nature of the conclusions of … Continue reading

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White men can’t be progressive?

Matt Yglesias says, White Men Are Not Very Progressive: I would say that another message is that progressive politics is badly disadvantaged by a situation in which the overwhelming majorities of political leaders and prominent media figures are white men. … Continue reading

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Catholics somewhat less conservative even if observant

Are Catholic Republicans More Liberal Than Protestant Republicans?, a comment: A lot of people call themselves “Catholic” who really don’t even go to Church and who deny many Catholic Church teachings…ergo… the author’s conclusion is VERY flawed. This is a … Continue reading

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Attitudes toward immigration

Below, Art says: Of course the Republican and conservative segment of the population is strongly anti-immigration … They are strongly anti-illegal immigration. Most conservatives favor legal immigration, particularly skilled immigrants. This is not really true, depending on how you interpret … Continue reading

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How the states align on liberalism & conservatism

Economic, social, and foreign policy congressional conservatism by state, 2008.

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Teen birthrates, the relation to religion is real

A few weeks ago I reported on data which showed a close relationship between conservative religious views and high teen birthrates on the state level. I asked about controlling for race, since blacks have high teen birthrates, and are very … Continue reading

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Attitudes of Republicans & Conservatives by demographic to evolution

Update: Welcome Hot Air readers! This post reports data from the The General Social Survey, it is *not* a post to debate the presumed merits of the Creationist controversy! I used the EVOLVED variable, which asked: Human beings, as we … Continue reading

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Conservative elites are conflicted on evolution, liberals are not

On one of my other weblogs I point out how anti-evolutionary sentiment seems particularly contingent on two variables: 1) Literalism about the Bible (a rough measure of “fundamentalism”). 2) Lack of educational socialization (i.e., not going to college and learning … Continue reading

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Religious change in the parties

Comment below: As this shift occurred what happened with the proportion of white Catholics in the Democratic Party? Did it similarly fall, hold steady or rise? Is there a story there? Have you GSS blogged on the differences between Democratic … Continue reading

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The rise of the Secular Left, II

Chris below has an excellent comment: Drawing the stacked-bars equally high when the total size of the groups they represent is substantially different creates a very misleading visual perception. I suggest redrawing with the y-axis “% of total population” – … Continue reading

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