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Teen pregnancy, individual level variation

Someone else has done the GSS data-digging, and it looks like teen pregnancy is correlated with: 1) higher religious fundamentalism, and, 2) lower religious attendance. To see the full data & analysis you’ll need to pay $10. I want to … Continue reading

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Teen birth rate, deviations from the trend….

Below in the comments I noted that a “quick & dirty” check of the data yielded an r-squared of 0.14 for the proportion of teen birth rate variance on the state level by the percentage of the state’s population that … Continue reading

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Patterns in politics, liberal, conservative, statist & libertarian

Reading around the web I stumbled upon National Journal‘s ubiquitous ratings of how liberal or conservative various politicians are in the domains of social, economic and foreign policy. Using the 2008 data for the House of Representatives, here are the … Continue reading

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Polls of 2012 Republican contenders

Released by Pew. Small sample sizes, and probably irrelevant anyhow….

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Role of genes in personality

Inductivist has a post up on the public perception of the role genes play in personality via the “GENEEXPS” variable. Though he saw a trend for Republicans to lean slightly toward more of a role for genes, I was struck … Continue reading

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Politics & regionalism

The chart is pretty self-explanatory, but context & methods here. I have two related posts over at ScienceBlogs.

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Socialized medicine, numbers are of the essence?

I don’t know if there is some context to this Bill O’Reilly assertion that Canadian life expectancy is higher because of fewer people, and so fewer absolute fatalities (e.g., he got turned around on the words?). But it got me … Continue reading

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Clarifying contrasts

From FiveThirtyEight:

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Nations of suicide

The World Values Survey 2005 has a question about whether suicide is every justifiable. Below the fold are the responses for a list of nations. Not to put too fine a point on it: the more open a nation seems … Continue reading

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