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We are a social animal

Occasionally we get emails like this: Up until now I thought I was the rarest of all ducks. A conservative atheist. I read Heather MacDonald’s piece in the Wall Street Journal today and was pleased to find I am not … Continue reading

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Role of genes in personality

Inductivist has a post up on the public perception of the role genes play in personality via the “GENEEXPS” variable. Though he saw a trend for Republicans to lean slightly toward more of a role for genes, I was struck … Continue reading

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Social science & engineering

A recent Bloggingheads.tv featured two philosophers, and was titled “Explaining and Appraising Moral Intuition”. A considerable proportion of the discussion involved the utility of cognitive and evolutionary psychology in probing the reflexive roots of our moral intuitions, and how that … Continue reading

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Acceptance of Evolution & belief in God

The question as to the relationship on a socio-cultural scale about the relationship of acceptance of evolution and belief in God is often mooted.  In The Blind Watchmaker Richard Dawkins famously contended that the theory of Darwinian evolution allowed one … Continue reading

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