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Sacred is a state of mind

In regards to the Koran burning, Randall Parker says: When someone says it sickens them to take some position I figure they are just striking a pose and signaling. Very few non-Muslim people are truly sickened by the idea of … Continue reading

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Atheists may lack essence

Just listened o Paul Bloom, author of How Pleasure Works: The New Science of Why We Like What We Like, on a podcast (mp3). He notes that the chain of possession of items impacts how much pleasure we gain out … Continue reading

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We are a social animal

Occasionally we get emails like this: Up until now I thought I was the rarest of all ducks. A conservative atheist. I read Heather MacDonald’s piece in the Wall Street Journal today and was pleased to find I am not … Continue reading

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Saints & Sinners

Normally I would post this at one of my science blogs…but it might be relevant right now in politics. Sinning Saints and Saintly Sinners: The Paradox of Moral Self-Regulation: The question of why people are motivated to act altruistically has … Continue reading

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Althouse’ rule on sex-differences in action

A few years ago Ann Althouse told Bob Wright that there was an easy way to do sex-differences research without being pilloried: make sure that the generalizations work out so that they are flatter women. Over at Feministing, Are Women … Continue reading

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Conservatism as disposition; the politcs of disgust

There are a series of papers out right now which show the positive relationship between political conservatism and reflexive disgust responses. Instead of summarizing the research myself I will point you to Observations of a Nerd, who does a really … Continue reading

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Mind bending assumptions

A minor follow up, just so that readers of this weblog know where I’m “coming from.” I accept the contentions that:  Most cognition is implicit. That is, we do not have access to it to so that it is amenable … Continue reading

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I Am Who I Am

As a follow up to John’s post clarifying his identity, it’s no secret to anyone who has noted my unartful charts that I am Razib Khan. I chose “David Hume” as my identity because I think with the religious grounding … Continue reading

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