I Am Who I Am

As a follow up to John’s post clarifying his identity, it’s no secret to anyone who has noted my unartful charts that I am Razib Khan. I chose “David Hume” as my identity because I think with the religious grounding of the modern American Right people often forget the secular individuals who are part of the tradition’s intellectual lineage, e.g., F. A. Hayek, and the aforementioned H. L. Mencken.  My normal brief is life science, and I have very little interest in commenting too much on contemporary politics. But, I do consider myself on the Right, and as you can see I have a fixation on using the GSS to clarify opinions on social issues. Far too many believe they can introspect and extrapolate from their own reasoning to others, and that leads to error.  Finally, I would like to add a quick “cut-out” which distills some of my thinking on the various taxa being discussed here:

The Secular Left asks, why not?

The Secular Right asks, why?

The Religious Left demands that we should, “Because god wills it!”

The Religious Right asserts that we can’t, “Because god forbids it!”

These are admittedly cut-outs. My point is that human psychology is at the root of our reasoning.  That psychology emerges from a synthesis of innate presuppositions, socialization and random-acts-of-fate. Most people who believe X may believe Y, but we need to keep in mind the residual. To a great extent, the Secular Right is a residual, if not a trivial one. Most of the non-religious are on the Left.

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