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Polling now

David Frum is taking 2012 Republican primary polling seriously. Remember this?

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Don’t be shocked by polls

You all know about the issues of weighting samples to achieve representativeness. In polling this is an art. But even if you get to representativeness, depending on the average sample sizes the polls themselves will exhibit a distribution of outcomes about … Continue reading

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Numbers in lieu of wisdom

I’m a big critic of the reliance on impressionistic data often peddled by the media. In classic high school essay form generally it’s rather clear that there’s a hypothesis, and that the journalist just goes looking for individuals who will … Continue reading

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Open thread on Scott Brown, etc.

In case people want to discuss his victory tonight. I don’t have any unique insights that you can’t find elsewhere, but a quick question. Looking at the pollster.com Coakley vs. Brown polls on the front page right now I get … Continue reading

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Polls of 2012 Republican contenders

Released by Pew. Small sample sizes, and probably irrelevant anyhow….

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For entertainment purposes only

Rasmussen Reports has poll up about the potential 2012 nominees for the Republican Party up. Politico notes: “In general, the higher a Republican voter’s income level and educational achievement, the more likely he or she is to think Palin’s decision … Continue reading

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Who reads the Secular Right?

This website has been around for a little over 2 weeks, and it’s already attracted a lot of attention. So I thought it might be fun to take the pulse of the readership with a few poll questions….

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