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The Trouble With Forgetting Your Own History

The Trouble With Standing Athwart History: But of course this is the trouble with basing your political value system on things like authority and tradition. It’s always changing! William F Buckley’s determination to stand athwart history yelling stop led him … Continue reading

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How many Senators don’t have a university degree?

Only one out of 100! If you don’t know, this is the one.

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Medical miracles

The Lutheran Hour takes over New York’s sole remaining classical music station for part of Sunday mornings.   Its announcer, whose stylized speech inflections recall a more theatrical era of radio or a pitch for hair elixir, was today as usual … Continue reading

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Gee, thanks, Pro-Lifers

The just-negotiated Senate health care bill contains a big new pot of money to make it easier for pregnant teens to raise a child: The federal government would provide $25 million a year for a “pregnancy assistance fund.” The money … Continue reading

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We are all cost vs. benefit utilitarians now!

Many liberals now want to kill the healthcare bill. At Talking Points Memo here is a dissent from an individual who is obviously going to get screwed if the bill is not passed: If I feel abandoned, it’s not by … Continue reading

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Now That’s What I Call Lobbying

From The Hill: Conservative lawmakers plan a “prayercast” on Wednesday against healthcare reform legislation. Sens. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas) and Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), along with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) will team up with a group of pastors and religious leaders for … Continue reading

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New “old format”

The old format is back. But without the customization. I’ll do that later when I have time….

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The “new format”

The old theme broke on update. So I swapped in a random format. I’ve switched to the generic WP theme for now. Will try and get the old format back soon.

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Switzerland and the Minarets

Just in case it’s of interest to any readers of this blog (I saw that Razib had already mentioned the wider topic), here is my take (via NRO) on the Swiss and their minarets. Razib himself says that he is inclined … Continue reading

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Less More, Please

During the course of his visit to Britain next year, the Pope will be addressing the country’s parliamentarians from the spot, reports the Daily Telegraph, where Sir Thomas More was sentenced to death in 1535. The choice of venue is, … Continue reading

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