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Trickster Padre

I happened to come across this 2011 piece by CSI’s Joe Nickell the other day: …In fact, notwithstanding the claims in uncritical biographies, Pio’s stigmata devolved—from bleeding wounds that could easily have been self-inflicted (like those of many fake stigmatists … Continue reading

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The Miraculous Deception

Here (via the Guardian) is just another reminder of the timeless appeal of the miraculous: The name Jesus is stamped behind the pulpit in thick blue lettering. But at the Pentecostal Church of the Miracle the headline act is not … Continue reading

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Medical miracles

The Lutheran Hour takes over New York’s sole remaining classical music station for part of Sunday mornings.   Its announcer, whose stylized speech inflections recall a more theatrical era of radio or a pitch for hair elixir, was today as usual … Continue reading

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Mary avoids consubstantiation with a tortilla

The Virgin Mary has been spotted in a California restaurant griddle, which has since been retired from use and turned into a shrine.  No word yet from the Church about the authenticity of the sighting, though a local associate pastor … Continue reading

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Miscellany, March 20

Pareidolia is “that phenomenon wherein people see things that aren’t there because human brains are wired for pattern recognition”. Children see animals in the clouds or letters in a pile of sticks; adults are likely to see images fraught with … Continue reading

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Giving science its due?

Nadya Suleman’s publicists refer to her “eight tiny miracle children,”  which we should celebrate because they will be raised in a “Christian, caring environment.”  I assume her PR team means a medical miracle.  Taxpayers’ potential bill for the octoplets continues … Continue reading

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