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Fair Enough

Via the London Times: HELPING terminally ill and incurably disabled patients to commit suicide is set to be decriminalised in Britain under guidance to be issued this week. Those who assist a friend or relative to end their lives on … Continue reading

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Miscellany, March 20

Pareidolia is “that phenomenon wherein people see things that aren’t there because human brains are wired for pattern recognition”. Children see animals in the clouds or letters in a pile of sticks; adults are likely to see images fraught with … Continue reading

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Religious-employee opt-out rights in health care

This topic, which I mentioned in passing last week, is back in the news with the announcement of an executive order by President Bush extending and entrenching the asserted right of hospital, clinic and pharmacy employees to defy their supervisors … Continue reading

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Miscellany, December 7

Ann Althouse on Bill O’Reilly and the Washington atheist sign: Another December, another battle in the “War on Christmas.” I think the sensible people don’t want to fight about religion, but there are always extremists — pro-religion and anti-religion — … Continue reading

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The Leprechaun Cure

This is mildly interesting. Researchers Stepping Up Study of Health And Religiosity Small Field Devoted To Exploring Possible Link Is Expanding Despite Criticism,  Lack of Funding To critics, the few dozen researchers who met this week for a Washington conference … Continue reading

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Feeling healthy?

Why, yes, fit as a fiddle, actually. Why do you ask?

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