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Atheism makes you a great scientist?

A reader asks, perhaps facetiously: Funny, but given the homage being paid to science in so many of these first threads, I was just wondering if there’s any actual evidence that, in practice, atheists make better scientists than believers. There … Continue reading

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Feeling healthy?

Why, yes, fit as a fiddle, actually. Why do you ask?

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On social science data

Since some have asked, let me stipulate unless otherwise noted my survey based charts are all drawn from the General Social Survey.  UC Berkeley has a very user-friendly interface which one can use to replicate my findings.  As they say, … Continue reading

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Skepticism of science, necessary & needless

Just a quick addendum to my previous post where I advised caution about skepticism of science.  A biomedical scientist recently told me that the journal Virology had a statistician audit all their papers within a 1 year interval with statistics to … Continue reading

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