Seasonal Cheer

A very Merry Christmas to all SR readers and contributors! 

Oh, it’s a Christmas poem you’re wanting?  Glad to oblige.

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  1. Le Mur says:

    Oh, it’s a Christmas poem you’re wanting?

    NO! But how about some semi-on-topic one-liners I picked up over the past year?

    “Another fight to the death to prove who loves God the most.” — Randy
    “Frisbeetarianism: When you die, your Soul flies up onto the roof and gets stuck there.” — ??
    “Science without skepticism is nothing more than superstition.” — Kevin
    “If what they are saying were true, one signature would have been enough” — Einstein (supposedly)
    “Political ideologies are fairy tales for adults. ” — T. Sowell
    “Life was much simpler when the average lifespan was 29 years.” — Michael Rodgers
    “We elect lawyers as our leaders and then wonder why nothing useful ever gets done and everything gets worse and worse.” — Nemo
    “Using statistics on such a serious issue such as AIDS was a true low blow!” — Verdell Brookens
    “You should never drink alone. It may lead to youtube” — tinyelephant
    “Dude, she had to take remedial reading at Princeton. See Sonia judge. Judge, Sonia, judge!” — Illiterate Baboon
    “All of us have a place in history. Mine is clouds.” — Richard Brautigan
    “I See Morons. They’re Everywhere. Call it my 6th sense.” — Joe Bogus
    “As an Asian-American I resent being repeatedly pulled over by police to answer math questions.” — Anon
    “For I do not see what there is desireable in public esteem, were I able to acquire and maintain it: it would perhaps increase my acquaintance, the thing which I chiefly study to decline.” — Isaac Newton
    “Barring that natural expression of villainy which we all have, the man looked honest enough.” — Mark Twain
    “But really I’m only a sociopath in principle, not in action.” – capntim
    “It’s a safe bet that people who use the words ’empowered,” ‘community” and ‘meaningful” in close proximity do not produce anything you can hold in your hands” – Lileks
    “Speak up, dork.” — J. Lileks
    “In the future I plan on taking more of an active role in the decisions I make.” — Paris Hilton
    “As an Englishmen, I naturally start from a base of resentment against anyone with perfect dentition.” – Derbyshire
    “I deplore with you the putrid state into which our newspapers have passed, and the malignancy, the vulgarity and mendacious spirit of those who write for them.” — T. Jefferson
    “When psychologists say ‘most people’ they usually mean ‘most of the two dozen sophomores who filled out a questionnaire for beer money.'” — Pinker
    “You have to think your way out of liberalism.” – Heather Mac Donald
    “The crisis of today is the joke of tomorrow.” — H. G. Wells
    “People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.” — T. Sowell
    “Ideology, politics and journalism, which luxuriate in failure, are impotent in the face of hope and joy.” – P. J. O’Rourke

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