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Conservative elites are conflicted on evolution, liberals are not

On one of my other weblogs I point out how anti-evolutionary sentiment seems particularly contingent on two variables: 1) Literalism about the Bible (a rough measure of “fundamentalism”). 2) Lack of educational socialization (i.e., not going to college and learning … Continue reading

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Religious change in the parties

Comment below: As this shift occurred what happened with the proportion of white Catholics in the Democratic Party? Did it similarly fall, hold steady or rise? Is there a story there? Have you GSS blogged on the differences between Democratic … Continue reading

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The rise of the Secular Left, II

Chris below has an excellent comment: Drawing the stacked-bars equally high when the total size of the groups they represent is substantially different creates a very misleading visual perception. I suggest redrawing with the y-axis “% of total population” – … Continue reading

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Are secular conservatives more libertarian? Yes

There were some comments below to the effect that secular conservatives tend to be more “libertarian” than religious conservatives. Anyone who has moved in libertarian circles knows that atheists & agnostics are well represented; after all, many libertarians are strongly … Continue reading

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Politics, education & wealth

OK, so I’m a little obsessed. Over at The American Scene they’ve been talking class for the past week. Its definition can be somewhat slippery. But it seems that both education and wealth have to play a role. The GSS … Continue reading

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Religion & abortion, the international trends

It is a well known fact that in the United States that opposition to abortion tends to be concentrated among the most religious segment of the population. It is also a fact that the more secular nations tend to be … Continue reading

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Regional differences in attitudes toward gay marriage

It looks like both Maine & New Hampshire will be taking steps toward recognizing gay marriage. If that happens only Rhode Island in New England will not recognize gay marriage. It also looks like there will be movement in New … Continue reading

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