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Jamila Bey at CPAC

Atheist Group Makes CPAC Debut: Jamila Bey is a mom, a business owner, a Pittsburgh native—and a board member of the group American Atheists. She also, apparently, identifies as conservative. After introducing herself to the crowd, Bey used her three-minute … Continue reading

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Atheists, CPAC and Conservatism

Cross-posted on Ricochet: Writing in response to the uninviting of American Atheists to CPAC, Charlie Cooke has a very fine article over on NRO on the topic of whether atheism and conservatism are compatible. As an atheist and a conservative … Continue reading

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Gays & gun control

By now you’ve probably seen the Ryan Sorba video from CPAC: Right now opposition to gay marriage is a winning issue for conservatives. But how much longer? I wonder if we’re going to see a shift where conservatives are going … Continue reading

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