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Lunatic, Asylum, etc.

Just when you think that David Cameron’s stumblebum government cannot get any worse, here’s a piece of news that does not bode well for British patients, taxpayers or both. Tom Chivers writes in The Daily Telegraph: The man [just] put … Continue reading

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Hatch, Back?

As Orrin Hatch is forced to face a primary challenge, here’s a little reminder from 2009 about the (very) long-serving senator’s attitude towards taxpayers’ money: WASHINGTON — Backed by some of the most powerful members of the Senate, a little-noticed … Continue reading

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Casper The Friendly Social Worker

If true (can the Dutch have gone quite so crazy?), this is the story (via the Daily Telegraph)  of a scheme so loopy that Orrin Hatch could probably be persuaded to use taxpayer dollars to fund it over here: Dutch prisons are … Continue reading

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More Healthcare/Taxpayer Money Down The Drain

One of the dangers of extending the reach of the federal government still further into healthcare is the way that it will enhance the ability of politicians to pursue their own particular hobby horses at taxpayer expense. We were given early warning … Continue reading

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Obamacare & Religious Privilege

I don’t know what eventually happened to the curious  proposal  (via Senators Hatch and Kerry) that Obamacare should cover Christian Science prayer ‘treatments’, but it does appear that the notion of religious privilege is alive and well elsewhere in the new healthcare legislation: … Continue reading

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