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Oprah: The Queen of Unreason

The Oprah moment may have faded for now, but I have little doubt that it will return, in which case this Slate piece by Kurt Andersen (and, no, I don’t agree with his jibe about Reagan) will be one that … Continue reading

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Wanting to Believe

Religion or, to put it more loosely, “spirituality”, will always be with us. The only question is the form that it will take. This entertaining piece from the Daily Telegraph about crop circles is, in its own way, a reminder … Continue reading

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Casper The Friendly Social Worker

If true (can the Dutch have gone quite so crazy?), this is the story (via the Daily Telegraph)  of a scheme so loopy that Orrin Hatch could probably be persuaded to use taxpayer dollars to fund it over here: Dutch prisons are … Continue reading

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Spirituality, real and imagined

The sweat lodge deaths have focused scrutiny on the New Age community in Sedona, which over three decades has become a magnet for spiritual seekers thanks to spectacular scenery and links to Native American rituals. The Angel Valley retreat center, … Continue reading

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Superstition Watch: Among the Unbelievers

New York’s young and hip seek assistance from fertility candles and “magickal seals.”  The New York Times’ fashion editors are intrigued.  A friend buys a “dressed” candle and lands an acting gig.   “Coincidence?”

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