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Ayahuasca and the D’Ohs of Perception

Cross-posted on the Corner: Madness, too much time in the desert or just the right hallucinogenic concoction all seem to be reasonably reliable routes to mysticism. Ayahuasca is (the New Yorker reports) “an intensely hallucinogenic potion made from boiling woody … Continue reading

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Il Faut Cultiver

Every man, said Frederick the Great, must get to heaven in his own way. Fair enough, but this ‘workshop’ (once a word with positive associations, but now….) is probably not for me: Sacred Gardens Workshop May 2014 : a practical … Continue reading

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Of Spiritual Paths and Other Matters

The New York Times takes a look at four arrivals in Washington with religious views that differ from the commonly (if inaccurately) understood norm: For the real underdog story in the elections this year, you have to look further out … Continue reading

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Via Guernica, another reminder of the permanence of superstition, the reinvention of the past (the Goddess?) and the magpie “spirituality” of the West: Photographer Katarzyna Majak shoots her subjects in vivid color, posing each one as a healer, a goddess, … Continue reading

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Not Necessarily Woo-Woo?

Sam Harris goes on a spiritquest: In writing my next book, I will have to confront the animosity that many people feel for the term “spiritual.” Whenever I use the word—as in referring to meditation as a “spiritual practice”—I inevitably … Continue reading

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Smitten by God (or Something)

Here’s Sally Quinn in the Washington Post: The mystics say you can find God anywhere. I believe many women have found him in “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The trilogy has sold more than 10 million copies, mostly to women over … Continue reading

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Spirituality, real and imagined

The sweat lodge deaths have focused scrutiny on the New Age community in Sedona, which over three decades has become a magnet for spiritual seekers thanks to spectacular scenery and links to Native American rituals. The Angel Valley retreat center, … Continue reading

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Metaphorical religion

Karen Armstrong and Richard Dawkins have companion essays on the implications of evolution for religion in the Wall Street Journal.  I am not very familiar with Armstrong’s writings.  I tried her book on Islam and found it saccharine, and I … Continue reading

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