Via Guernica, another reminder of the permanence of superstition, the reinvention of the past (the Goddess?) and the magpie “spirituality” of the West:

Photographer Katarzyna Majak shoots her subjects in vivid color, posing each one as a healer, a goddess, or a queen. These Polish women combine the rituals of the Cherokee, Sufis, Daoists, Wiccans, Druids, and others in search of greater spiritual meaning. With these photos, Majak looks at the prejudice against witchery, the acceptance of aging, and a growing appreciation for feminine divinity.

Guernica: What do you mean by “the women’s time”? From a quote with your interview with Maria Ela, one of your portrait subjects, she says she “thinks it’s a time of transformation,” that she has “to let go of the feeling of being victimized by men,” in order to gain awareness of the “cycle of the Goddess that helped me let go of thinking ‘against.’”

Katarzyna Majak: So, it is the time when more and more people, especially women, resonate with the energy of the Earth’s upheaval. They do not want to think “against” and are not interested in fighting. They would rather use their own empowerment to balance the feminine and the masculine. Another explanation may also be connected with the fact that the Goddess, and one may treat that as an equivalent of women’s power, in Judeo-Christianity, has been living “in hiding,” which is now coming to its end. There is a noticeable women’s spiritual awakening, which is aimed to balance the feminine and masculine, to raise the feminine so that they are both on the same level and neither gets excluded or diminished…

Okey dokey.

H/t: Andrew Sullivan

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7 Responses to Bewitched

  1. Whether one affirms/believes in gender roles/functions in society, OR in a belief in the ‘balance of nature” via the feminine and masculine…both are claiming some definition of gender. Persons do not have gender. Friends do not have gender. Healthy relationships, in general, do not emphasize gender. Identity is not about gender, but about interests, values and goals, which is gender neutral.

  2. Identity is a choice in the West, because we believe that individuals have rights to define themselves apart from government or groups. Gender is one identity factor.

  3. CJColucci says:

    Darrin was an idiot.

  4. Snippet says:

    Gender is a fact of life

    I know because my penis told me. He does the thinking for both of us. Fortunately, he is pretty smart.

  5. Snippet,
    Just wondered how you know which is a determinant for attraction; one’s biology via one’s physiological needs, or one’s emotional attraction which creates the biological/physical response? Doesn’t what one experiences, sees, and associates bring about the brain’s physiological responses? And what happens when one’s physiological needs “help themselves” via the body’s responses? Aren’t some marriages celibate because of emotional estrangement, while other marriages might be celibate for physiological problems?

  6. Snippet says:





  7. Snippet,
    I was assuming if you “penis” told you so, that your penis was responding to “attraction” of some kind, and that was why I went into questioning how attraction/biological response happens, as sex is about attraction….one’s identity is defined not by one’s penis, as a male, but as a function within a relationship according to some. These would believe that one’s penis is all defining, as these would also adhere to the biological functions of reproducing, instead of one’s sexuality being an expression of one’s giving to another as a person in commitment and expression of affection.

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