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The Difference Between Berkeley and NYC is Collapsing

The New York Times recently published a piece on Wiccans in New York City, “Witchcraft in the #MeToo Era.” Despite the name, the article has nothing to do with #MeToo – there are no tales or even allusions to Wiccan … Continue reading

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Via Guernica, another reminder of the permanence of superstition, the reinvention of the past (the Goddess?) and the magpie “spirituality” of the West: Photographer Katarzyna Majak shoots her subjects in vivid color, posing each one as a healer, a goddess, … Continue reading

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Something Wicca…

Here’s a story from the Daily Mail of (alleged) intolerance in a small English town: It sounds like a horror story straight from medieval times. Two witches descend on an ancient market town – only to be targeted by terrified … Continue reading

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Bell, Diversity Handbook and Candle

Cross-posted over at the Corner: It’s been well over 350 years since the death of the unlikable Matthew Hopkins but should Britain ever get back into the business of hiring a Witchfinder-General (check out the 1968 movie of the same … Continue reading

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Pagan Pique

Cross-posted from the Corner: It’s not every day that I give thanks to the folks over at the Huffington Post, but today is one of those days. Take it away, Sam Stein: …A spokesperson for the neopagan network “The Witches’ … Continue reading

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DeMint’s Witch?

No, of course not, but Republicans hoping for a GOP win in Delaware do now have to deal with this: O’DONNELL: I dabbled into witchcraft — I never joined a coven. But I did, I did. … I dabbled into … Continue reading

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The Pagans are Coming!

How’s that whole Enlightenment thing going? Not so well, it seems: click here for Saturday’s New York Times story on the rise of paganism. Predictable, uncritical pap for the most part, although I noted this section with, well, I don’t … Continue reading

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