Pagan Pique

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It’s not every day that I give thanks to the folks over at the Huffington Post, but today is one of those days. Take it away, Sam Stein:

…A spokesperson for the neopagan network “The Witches’ Voice” who goes by the name “Diotima Mantineia” reached out to the Huffington Post to offer further condemnation of O’Donnell’s initial witchcraft remarks. Making the point that there is a “very large pagan community in Delaware,” Mantineia called the Delaware Republican’s conflation of witchcraft and Satanism “disappointing.”

Perfect at so many levels

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4 Responses to Pagan Pique

  1. Le Mur says:

    OT, but some nutty guy at the NYT:

    For God must answer to animals as well.

    Suppose that we could arrange the gradual extinction of carnivorous species, replacing them with new herbivorous ones. Or suppose that we could intervene genetically, so that currently carnivorous species would gradually evolve into herbivorous ones, thereby fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy.

    One of H.G. Wells stories (I don’t recall the title offhand; it was a forerunner to The Time Machine. An unwitting guy gets sucked into the future by people in the future) had similar ideas. It seems to be part of some Grand Socialist Fantasy: after they (we?) get done perfecting humans, those inferior animals had better watch their steps!

  2. Chip Smith says:

    Well. I’m sure the Satanists are disappointed, too.

  3. Apathy Curve says:

    Paganism: When Mainstream Religion Just Isn’t Retarded Enough For You

  4. Susan says:

    Well, O’Donnell’s definitely lost the Wiccan and Pagan vote. I doubt she ever had the Satanist vote. I wonder how she’s doing with the abducted-by-space-aliens bloc?

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