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Balkanizing America

Given that the market for health insurance has long since ceased to be a truly free market, this seems broadly sensible and I’d guess it will save money: Virtually all health insurance plans could soon be required to offer female … Continue reading

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Mumbo Jumbo Medicine, Taxpayer-Paid

Via the Daily Telegraph: Hundreds of members of the BMA [The British equivalent of the AMA] have passed a motion denouncing the use of [homeopathy], saying taxpayers should not foot the bill for remedies with no scientific basis to support … Continue reading

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More Healthcare/Taxpayer Money Down The Drain

One of the dangers of extending the reach of the federal government still further into healthcare is the way that it will enhance the ability of politicians to pursue their own particular hobby horses at taxpayer expense. We were given early warning … Continue reading

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Obamacare & Religious Privilege

I don’t know what eventually happened to the curious  proposal  (via Senators Hatch and Kerry) that Obamacare should cover Christian Science prayer ‘treatments’, but it does appear that the notion of religious privilege is alive and well elsewhere in the new healthcare legislation: … Continue reading

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Paying for healthcare

Tim Harford has an excellent article, A brilliant (and doomed) template for healthcare reform: Yet in one vital way, the systems are exactly the same: at no point during my interactions with either system did I ever have to wonder … Continue reading

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Choices in the non-best of all worlds

I was struck that Arnold Kling recently admitted: My preference would be market-oriented health reform and the creation of real health insurance, which is bought by individuals and covers only insurable events (unexpected high expenses). But if it comes down … Continue reading

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Godspeak and Healthcare

Given the Godspeak into which Obama so often descends, we should not, I suppose, be surprised that he is now trying to bring the big fellow upstairs into the fight over healthcare. It’s no surprise, but it’s still annoying. Writing … Continue reading

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