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Lunatic, Asylum, etc.

Just when you think that David Cameron’s stumblebum government cannot get any worse, here’s a piece of news that does not bode well for British patients, taxpayers or both. Tom Chivers writes in The Daily Telegraph: The man [just] put … Continue reading

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Relic veneration in the modern world

The Vatican is warning against “miracle-performing sensationalism” and too enthusiastic a veneration of relics: Even the veneration of relics, [writes Wall Street Journal columnist Francis Rocca, the Vatican correspondent for Religion News Service,] mocked by the Protestant reformers and long … Continue reading

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Mumbo Jumbo Medicine, Taxpayer-Paid

Via the Daily Telegraph: Hundreds of members of the BMA [The British equivalent of the AMA] have passed a motion denouncing the use of [homeopathy], saying taxpayers should not foot the bill for remedies with no scientific basis to support … Continue reading

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