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Rick Santorum on Romney & Religion

Here’s Rick Santorum writing on Romney and religion back in 2007. The whole piece is worth a look, both for what it does say and what it does not. In the following extract Santorum makes the (reasonable) point that a … Continue reading

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Would a robot do any worse?

I think America might need a little less heart, guys who you’d want to drink a beer with, and racial messiahs.

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Cato on Mitt Romney

I talked about this possibility before. Don’t know if it has legs to push into the 2012 primary season. If it doesn’t knock Romney out, I believe we can take this as evidence of the power of establishment Republicanism despite … Continue reading

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Contingencies on Mitt Romney

A few weeks ago I posted some on Mitt Romney. Since then his book No Apology: The Case for American Greatness has come out. I do not think it bodes well that David Frum, who I suspect is close to … Continue reading

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Another reason Mitt Romney won’t be nominated in 2012

There are many reasons, but over at Gene Expression I assert that Mitt Romney simply comes off as too wonky and brainy to do well in the Republican primaries in 2012. You don’t need to be dull to be nominated. … Continue reading

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