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Atheists, CPAC and Conservatism

Cross-posted on Ricochet: Writing in response to the uninviting of American Atheists to CPAC, Charlie Cooke has a very fine article over on NRO on the topic of whether atheism and conservatism are compatible. As an atheist and a conservative … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Monster Monstered

Huffington Post UK: A poster which replaced the image of God from the Sistine Chapel with a picture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has been removed after with a row with a London University. The South Bank University Atheism society … Continue reading

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Everywhere is Nowhere

In an admiring review for The Week of theologian David Bentley Hart’s new book, The Experience of God: Being, Consciousness, Bliss, Damon Lineker writes that it “demolishes” the “straw man Atheism” of those who treat “God as if he were … Continue reading

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Satanic Versus

Joseph Laycock of Religion Dispatches talks here to (and about) “Lucien Greaves”, who is, apparently, the man behind the piece of Satanic kitsch now planned for Oklahoma. Disappointingly, Greaves turns out to be a rather wishy-washy devil worshiper: In 2005, … Continue reading

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On The Random Walk

The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates has just been reading Tony Judt’s Postwar (which I have yet to tackle, but plan to) and cites that book, together with Tim Snyder’s Bloodlands (which I reviewed here) for a grander thesis about the failings … Continue reading

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Should Atheist Politicians ‘Come Out’?

Writing in Politico, Jennifer Hecht laments the absence of any ‘out’ atheists in senior elective office. On Real Time with Bill Maher last August, Maher asked his guest, newly retired Rep. Barney Frank, if he felt liberated now that he … Continue reading

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To make the no-God an idol

Atheists need to stop making fun of “Christian rock” and the assorted second rate derivates of culture produced by the evangelical subculture if this is not a rip-off of The Onion, Atheist ‘mega-churches’ look for nonbelievers: It looked like a … Continue reading

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Maria Popova has written an interesting piece on Isaac Asimov’s attitude towards religion. Here’s the great man himself: I have never, not for one moment, been tempted toward religion of any kind. The fact is that I feel no spiritual … Continue reading

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Round and Round

Over at the American Conservative, Noah Millman is frustrated by the nature of the debate between scientists (or “science popularizers”) and theists. I feel like we go around this track every other month. A scientist or science-popularizer writes an unpersuasive … Continue reading

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On The Unlearning of History

An atheist group is opposing the use of a Star of David in the design of a Holocaust memorial that is to be built on government property near the Ohio statehouse: …In the negative space between the two structures is … Continue reading

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