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Morrigan’s Hotel

Writing in The Guardian, Alex Mar explains how making a documentary film “about a handful of fringe religious communities around the country” led her deep into the pagan world. The article is an interesting account of where the search for … Continue reading

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On The Random Walk

The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates has just been reading Tony Judt’s Postwar (which I have yet to tackle, but plan to) and cites that book, together with Tim Snyder’s Bloodlands (which I reviewed here) for a grander thesis about the failings … Continue reading

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The Idea of Meaning (or Something)

Writing on Why I’m Catholic, “atheist convert” Jennifer Fulwiler explains why she turned to Rome, starting with concerns such as these: One thing I could never get on the same page with my fellow atheists about was the idea of … Continue reading

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