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The Jews did not invent modernity

Glenn Beck’s Jewish Problem: It’s become clear to me that the Fox commentator Glenn Beck has something of a Jewish problem. Actually, he has something of a modernity problem, and people with modernity problems tend to have problems with Jews, … Continue reading

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On Jews & genetics

I have been travelling, and so blogging has been light from my end for a while now. But I thought I would point readers to a long post I put up over at Discover Blogs on Jewish genetics. The post … Continue reading

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Protestants like Israel; Midwesterners not so much

At The American Scene there’s a post about WASPs and their relationship to Israel. Of course, that begs the question, what do you mean by WASP? WASP = White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, but that is a plain and broad-church definition which … Continue reading

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Who is for the Jews? Left or Right?

Over at Red State Erick Erickson implies that the Left is anti-Semitic by way of the JournoList story: It makes for an interesting conversation. Apparently, many of the lefties don’t much care for Olbermann either. And they hate Marty Peretz, … Continue reading

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