Who is for the Jews? Left or Right?

Over at Red State Erick Erickson implies that the Left is anti-Semitic by way of the JournoList story:

It makes for an interesting conversation. Apparently, many of the lefties don’t much care for Olbermann either. And they hate Marty Peretz, considering him a racist, which we all know is code for “Jewish” among this group of typically America haters who, many of them at least, tend to not exactly like Jews when they are being candid.

Let’s set aside the fact that the individual who runs JournoList, Ezra Klein, is Jewish by background, and so are some of Peretz’s most vociferous critics on the list, such as Eric Altermann, Matthew Yglesias and Spencer Ackerman. It still gives me an excuse to look into the GSS and see if there is a noticeable Left-Right trend in terms of attidues toward Jews.


403f. Do people in these groups tend to be patriotic or do they tend to be unpatriotic? 2. Jews



122. I’d like to get your feelings toward groups that are in the news these days. I will use something we call the feeling thermometer, and here is how it works: I’ll read the names of a group and I’d like you to rate that group using the feeling thermometer. Ratings between 50 degrees and 100 degrees mean that you feel favorable and warm toward the group. Ratings between 0 degrees and 50 degrees mean that you don’t feel favorable toward the group and that you don’t care too much for that group. e. Jews



409. Some people think that certain groups have too much influence in American life and politics, while other people feel that certain groups don’t have as much influence as they deserve. On this card are three statements about how much influence a group might have. For each group I read to you, just tell me the number of the statement that best says how you feel. b. Jews



738. Since the beginning of our country, people of many different races, nationalities, and religions have come here and settled. As I name some of these groups please tell me if the group has made one of the most important positive contributions to this country, an important contribution, some contribution, or little positive contribution to this community. d. Jews


I limited the above sample to whites. In any case the sample sizes aren’t very large on some of these questions, but I don’t see a strong trend toward anti-Semitism on the Left. In fact when I did a regression with JEWTEMP, which had the largest sample sizes, and threw in politics, race, religion, income, degree, etc., a shift toward the political Right was positively correlated with a “lower temperature” to Jews (statistically significant). Most of the other variables didn’t pan out except for education, which was enormously correlated with positive attitudes toward Jews, with a weight as about twice as big as politics. It looks like graduate school is Good For the Jews.

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