Israel, gentile & Jews

A good point in regards to attitudes toward Israel and anti-Semitism broadly understood was brought up in the post below. How about attitudes toward Israel as a function of politics?

First, for non-Jews, on a 5 point scale:

Second, for Jews, on a 5 point scale:

The sample size for Jews is much smaller, and there is the unfortunate problem is that very few Jews consider themselves conservative so one should be cautious about inferring too much. But we know from other sources that conservative Jews tend to be very pro-Israel.

As you can see there is a trend toward a more pro-Israel sentiment as one shifts to the Right, but it was more modest among gentiles than I would have thought. There was a beta of -0.101 in a regression for gentiles (so shifting toward liberalism correlated with a with a cooler attitude toward Israel), but -0.176 for Jews. This means that politics is a better predict for Jews than gentiles when it comes to attitudes toward Israel, but the effects are modest in any case, and that for Jews is not statistically significant (p = 0.057) because of small sample size.

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