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The religious support for neoliberalism?

Over at TMP Cafe there is a discussiona bout Red State, Blue State.  This post has an interesting snippet: …But before we grab on to such a U.S.-centric explanation, it is worth noting that John Huber and Piero Stanig have … Continue reading

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Jesus, the Auto Czar

The choice of West Point, Ga., as the base for a new Kia Motors Company plant reflects Jesus’s recognition of the town’s superior merits, as opposed to, say, those of Birmingham.

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Miscellany, April 22

For those who liked the earlier item on pareidolia (the tendency of observers to see religious or other significant images in random patterns) here’s a photo gallery with more such apparitions, including a “hand of God” in an image of … Continue reading

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Which nations support open borders?

I review the World Values Survey on this question at ScienceBlogs.

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Talking about Secular Right at Taki’s Magazine

Richard Spencer & I have a discussion over at Taki’s Radio up. We went a little long so he broke it up into two segments, so only part 1 currently. Richard apologizes for the mic quality, he promises to be progressive … Continue reading

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Nikkei go home!

Japan to Unemployed Immigrants: Thanks, You Can Go Home Now: Japan’s offer to minority communities in need has spawned the ire of those whom it intends to help. It is one thing to be laid off in an economic crisis. … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

At one level this story from the London Independent is good news: Religious broadcasting has taken an unexpected turn at the BBC, leaving secularists last night claiming a breakthrough. An important new committee that the corporation will consult on religious … Continue reading

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Religion, conservatism, an international view?

At Gene Expression I have a post up, Religion, the United States, Sweden, South Korea and Japan, where I examine a little bit of data from the World Values Survey. I observe: South Korea and Japan are harder to interpret. … Continue reading

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Killing of apostates in context

Chaplain’s E-mail Sparks Controversy:

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Secular Right &

Heather & Ross Douthat did a, God and Man on the Right. See below.

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