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“Right Atheists” channel on Reddit

It has come to my attention that Reddit has a channel for right-wing atheists. The description: Atheist conservatives, right-wing Darwinists, South-Park conservatives, right-wing libertarians, anti-Sharia activists, non-conformists, controversialists and other politically incorrect freedom fighters: This is your community. Enjoy. Seems … Continue reading

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The Skeptical Conservatives

CONSVLTVS of RESPVBLICA has created a nifty little badge for “Skeptical Conservatives”. The aim is to indicate a very small affinity group, bloggers and thinkers who are not religious, conservative, and, not necessarily libertarian in their presuppositions. The intersection of … Continue reading

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Don’t be shocked by polls

You all know about the issues of weighting samples to achieve representativeness. In polling this is an art. But even if you get to representativeness, depending on the average sample sizes the polls themselves will exhibit a distribution of outcomes about … Continue reading

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Rand Paul is probably not an atheist

In defending his criticisms of Jack Conway’s behavior the liberal columnist Jonathan Chait says the following about Rand Paul: Is Rand Paul misleading the electorate about his religion? Sure. But he’s not running on a religious platform. It’s Conway who’s … Continue reading

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So How Come Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots?

This piece (from Mims’ Bits) on the difference between western and Japanese attitudes to robots is a stretch. Read the whole thing, but here’s an extract: Heather Knight, founder of the world’s first (non-industrial) robot census, has made the study … Continue reading

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Kentucky Fried

The Democrat takes the high road in the Kentucky race. Some background on the Aqua Buddha here.

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Godwin’s Pope (4)

The New York Times ran a piece yesterday on a new exhibit on Berlin dedicated to the Third Reich. This passage in particular caught my eye: BERLIN — As artifacts go, they are mere trinkets — an old purse, playing … Continue reading

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Breaker of idols

Jacob Weisberg, Yale graduate, and defender of the Center-Left Establishment (e.g., In Defense of Robert Rubin), has a long piece out in Slate attacking Peter Thiel. Thiel’s heresy is to encourage young university-aged students to work outside of traditional educational … Continue reading

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Benedict & Bruni

Le Canard Enchainé is far from being the most reliable news source, but this story is too entertaining not to repeat (via the First Post): The Pope reportedly told French president Nicolas Sarkozy that his wife, Carla Bruni, was ‘not … Continue reading

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The Uses of Skepticism

In a political era in which an Inquisitor DeMint can flourish, this little snippet from a recent Spectator piece by Toby Young was a bracing reminder of an altogether tougher-minded conservatism: Maurice Cowling, the late right-wing historian, used to ask … Continue reading

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