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The Changing Left-Right Nature of Atheism

I remember when atheism was clearly aligned with the left. It was a mere decade ago or so that stem cell research and sundry other hot-button issues characterized the distinction between the atheist liberal community and the Bush-loving, religious conservative … Continue reading

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Did Dawkins Blink?

Writing in the WSJ, Meghan Cox Gurdon reviews Richard Dawkins’s new science book for young folk: …That young people might come to see poetic magic in the scientific method and the natural world is not, however, sufficient for the author … Continue reading

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In Connecticut, a “preposterously unconstitutional attack on Catholicism”

Catholic sites are up in arms, and rightly so, about a measure called S.B. 1098, introduced March 5 in the Connecticut legislature, which would by law remove control of Roman Catholic parishes from bishops and place them instead in the … Continue reading

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