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Shocker: Salon Does Right by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Salon, the progressive website so enamored of SJW politics that even white belly dancers attract condemnation, today publishes a piece entitled, “Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs. Jon Stewart: Islam, Liberals, and the Media’s Dangerous Double Standard.” Excerpt: A determination to avoid … Continue reading

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Islam: Enlightenment or Reformation?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has been calling for an Islamic ‘reformation’. Dan Hannan is not so sure that that’s right: What, though, do we mean by “Reformation”? Most people mean that they want a more modern Islam, one which accepts the … Continue reading

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God and Guest Speaker at Yale

There’s much more about this over at NRO, but the response of some people at Yale to the invitation extended by the Buckley Program to Ayaan Hirsi Ali is worth noting here too. The Yale Daily News has some of … Continue reading

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali is pregnant!

Behind the times. I did not know. A question of loyalty: Reportedly pregnant (her husband is British historian Niall Ferguson), she says she will raise her children to be faithful to the United States above all. “If my child were … Continue reading

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