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A Voice for Fundamentalism?

One of life’s minor pleasures is the spectacle of ‘progressives’ calling for Christians to pay more attention to the Bible. Here’s David Sirota writing in Salon: As the Pew Research Center recently discovered, “Most people who agree with the religious … Continue reading

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Earth Day!

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Christianity: a pagan heresy

Ross Douthat has a provocatively titled book out, Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics, so he’s making the media rounds. In general I find Douthat to be an interesting thinker, but there is one domain where I … Continue reading

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The next battle for “gender equity”

It is only a matter of time before the all-male character of prominent Silicon Valley start-ups triggers the following backlash:   A flood of articles and conferences exploring the “gender gap” in the high-tech sector; personal testimonies from disgruntled female … Continue reading

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Romney’s gender pandering

Unlike National Review readers, I find no justification for Romney’s craven exploitation of delusional feminist tropes against Obama.  The Republican National Committee is parroting the absurd charge that the Obama White House is a “hostile environment” for females, for example.  … Continue reading

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There’s a piece by Mark Oppenheimer in today’s New York Times about the transformation of Blondie’s (ah, those were the days) bassist into a popular writer about religion. Harmless enough stuff, but this passage caught my eye: Mr. Lachman moved … Continue reading

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Under Cover of Revolution

Cross-posted on the Corner: This article in the London Spectator on the plight of the Arab world’s embattled Christian minorities is worth reading in full, but this particular detail (and, no, that’s not really the word) was, to say the … Continue reading

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Teenage Exorcists!

It was Jung who wrote (in his book on UFOs) that the “Middle Ages…live on merrily”. So they do…and so do their business opportunities. Check out this story from ABC.

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We could debate whether a worldly church is less of a menace than one run by true believers (quite often, I reckon), but it can certainly make for some good stories: MOSCOW — Facing a scandal over photographs of its … Continue reading

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Letter from a think tank: Deliver us from deliverables

As many readers know, there’s a legal and P.R. battle going on for control of the Cato Institute, the libertarian think tank in Washington where I’m a fellow. The key issues in the dispute, both philosophical and personality-oriented, have been … Continue reading

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