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On The Importance of Thinking Well

Theodore Dalrymple is too kind in his assessment of the previous pope, a clever man, certainly, but one capable of thoroughly disingenuous argument, but that aside, this critique of some comments made by Francis, his successor, during the course of … Continue reading

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Utah’s Immigration Mess

I posted last night over on the Corner on the topic of Utah’s immigration mess. Full post here, but basically the nub is well set out in this paragraph from a LA Times report: Gov. Gary Herbert last week signed … Continue reading

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When liberals pray

Opponents of Arizona’s new immigration law have been praying for its reversal in court.  The Wall Street Journal today has a photo of parishioners sitting outdoors on folding chairs at a prayer session for the demise of the law, which … Continue reading

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Separation of church and state

Church leaders in Los Angeles are calling for illegal aliens to be included in the government health insurance plan, a position echoed by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  A free dialysis clinic in Atlanta whose clients are overwhelmingly illegal … Continue reading

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