Now St. Vladimir?

After Saint Josef, Saint Vladimir?
St. Vladimir

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3 Responses to Now St. Vladimir?

  1. Immigrant from former USSR says:

    Being a person of British ethnicity, Mr. Stuttaford apparently could not read the caption to the twitter post
    that he referenced to. Here it is:


    In a translation, which is probably more digestible to A. Stuttaford, it is


    It is a pity that my skills in Adobe Photoshop are not as good as the ones by the author “ @realuran ” of the said twitter post; otherwise I would be able to compose something similar, albeit (with the goal of better understandability by Mr. Stuttaford) on British themes.
    What if that fake picture and lowbrow caption dealt with some or other protected minority / ethnicity in USA?
    I doubt Mr. Stuttaford would continue to be employed by National Review.

    Disclosure: I am not a great fan either of present day Russian Federation’s leaders, or of UK’s ones.
    [But I stayed in the Holiday Inn Express last night.]

  2. Andrew Stuttaford says:

    Obviously the point of the post was the photo (which I posted, of course, *without* the offending caption, which you are right, I did not understand: I don’t speak Russian). I included the ‘hat tip’ and the link to the original tweet simply as as a matter of standard blogging etiquette.

    I have no idea as to whether that caption is just another example of the sort of exaggerated and often venomous rhetoric from all sides now flying around Russia and Ukraine, but the sentiment it expresses is obviously idiotic, and one that I totally reject. I have thus removed the link to the original tweet.

    I am, however, not convinced that the picture itself is photo-shopped. I looked at it at the time as carefully as a layman can, and it seemed authentic, not least in the light of some of the veneration that has come Mr. Putin’s way in the past. Obviously if you have good evidence to the contrary, please let me know.

  3. Immigrant from former USSR says:

    Dear Mr. Stuttaford:
    Thank you for your response.
    Your I.

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