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Attitudes toward homosexuality

In a follow up to my previous post, I decided to use the GSS’s logit regression feature to probe the relationship between a set of variables and attitudes toward homosexuality. The columns are the dependent variables, while the rows are … Continue reading

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Moral Reasoning

There is a debate on the internet about homosexuality and morality, with Rod Dreher, Andrew Sullivan and Damon Linker at the center of the storm.  Nothing too surprising or unexpected.  All I would add is that this is a sort … Continue reading

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Sexuality and human nature

A friend emailed me in response to my post below: Interesting example with homosexuality, both because the choice of sexual behavior, pretty much the sort of thing that one would expect the strongest biological constraints on, was apparently needed to … Continue reading

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Young anti-abortion & pro-gay?

A commenter below asks if there is any data to back up Ross & Reihan‘s assertion that the young are more supportive of gay rights and more skeptical of abortion on demand. So I looked in the GSS as the … Continue reading

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